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Planning to Fail by Failing to Plan

A popular saying in the business world is “People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.” This pattern finds itself reoccurring in several different situations as many people in business, as well as their own personal lives, continually lack the foresight and vision to look ahead. This is a relatively easy trap to fall into, as many of us live from paycheck to paycheck without any sort of disposable income. In the business world, the lack of a cohesive plan and the willingness to stick to one can certainly spell disaster.

Planning Will Save You Time & Money

The formulation of a plan doesn’t require a three-ring binder filled with countless guidelines and specifications. Nor, does it require a thesis that requires graduate level education to comprehend. Something simple as 3 to 5 mission statements that you and your team can adhere to already put you miles ahead of those who

don’t plan anything. The longest journey always begins with the smallest step, and the smallest plan can lead to incredible success.

Planning allows you to work smarter, not harder. By having preconceived guidelines to work from, you and your team can focus time and energy on the important things that matter, instead of wasting valuable time by being counter-productive. Goals are dreams with deadlines, and planning will help you accomplish them much quicker.

Bringing Your Plan to Life!

Think of Dr. Frankenstein for a moment. Think of the iconic imagery of the lightning bolt shocking the lightning rod atop his castle, and seeing his creation gradually raise his hand. The doctor, knowing he’s found the secret to reanimating dead tissue exclaims “It’s Alive! It’s Alive!”

Think about this analogy about having a plan, and going about carrying it out by execution. If the good doctor wrote out a detailed plan and didn’t stick with it, Mary Shelly’s gothic novel would certainly be a lot less interesting. The same goes for taking your plan and putting it into motion. Do your share of the work, even if the team helps you, own the plan. Because this is what will separate success from failure. Keeping a physical copy of your plan, either tucked away or nailed on the wall gives it life. It transforms it into a sentient being, standing with you as you duke it out in the trenches.

Each week, review the plan dynamics with your team. Think of how you’re executing your goals and applying these principals daily towards ultimate success.


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